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We are pleased to include the following teams in the South Florida Youth Lacrosse League

***Program Participation and Release Rules (New & Changing Programs)***

There is no requirement for new players to participate in any specific program regardless of location.  New players may choose any program/location that suits them.   However, the league has determined that it is in the best interest of the league and their programs that players that start with a program (HOME PROGRAM) remain with that program for their youth experience.  Players moving to other programs because of travel coaches, or other reasons will lead to recruiting in the recreation league which is specifically forbidden.   Should the player's family move to a new town that warrants the change of program, the player is required to request and receive a release from the original (HOME) program.   All SFYLL programs are required to confirm release from the HOME program prior to registering a player from another SFYLL program.    Should a new program form in your home town that was not in existence previously, residents of the new town program will have the option to stay with their current program or move to the new program in their town of residence without the required release.   However, once players move they will NOT be allowed to return to their previous program without a release from their new "home program."


See team pages for program contacts and information

Boca Jets

Boynton Beach

Davie Broncos

Delray Beach Riptide

Lauderdale Landsharks

Lighthouse Point Mariners

Miami Stone Crabs

Parkland Redhawks

Tacolcy Red Raiders

Wellington Wolfpack

Weston Warriors